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Red kitchen interior design

Red kitchens will be a perfect choice for those people who want to be in the high mood and have a good appetite. This hue is very active from the psychological point of view. It whets the central nervous system, increases blood pressure and appetite. Red hues should be harmonized by other colors, or a red color when used in big quantities in the interior design, may cause aggression, irritability and sometimes anger.

It would be better to use different red shadows, for example, cherry, garnet, burgundy, and brick.

Red kitchen interior design will look fresh and original if it is wisely combined with end-point colors. The trendiest colors in the kitchen design are pale pinks and saturated burgundies.  Bright red and light neutral combinations are widely used for walls and flooring decoration. Red kitchen is ideally contrasted with white, beige or light-gray colors for wall décor.

If you have a big kitchen, there are no limitations in color choice. Red walls will visually make your kitchen look smaller. But be careful and draw your attention to smooth and warm red hues.

Light or neutral colored cabinetry looks really well with juicy red tiled or glass backsplash. The combination of the countertop made from white stone with a red backsplash from decorative stone is considered to be classy.

Bright red accents in your kitchen, in connection with a neutral background, will enliven the ambiance, allowing you to get rid of boredom.

Classical interior design kitchens

Classical style in kitchen interior design is still very popular today. This style demands symmetry and proportions, subtle elements and stylized accessories. Traditionally, classical style means applying mostly wood materials for cabinets and furniture. Spacious kitchens are ideal for the classical style. There is a possibility for using cannelures, pilasters, molding as well as various decorative elements, stunning gold-plate details. Small areas look attractive when they are equipped with modest style without excesses.

On the other hand, classical style is deprived of outrageous elements in interior decoration. It is equally good in combination with both contrast and monochromatic palette. There are no bright colors or very sharp contrasts in this style. The ceiling is light-colored while the flooring can be of dark wood colors.

Classical interior design kitchen furnishing should have subtle forms as well as regular shaped form. Functional and usable features play also an important role.

The kitchen cabinetry design is characterized by:

  • Righteous wood carving
  • Attractive rich texture
  • Glassed doors

Island kitchen designs

Island kitchens can be circular, square, rectangular, semi-circular and L-shaped. You can easily combine different hues applying brown color to the island, and white – to the countertop.

Island kitchen in Classical Style has subtle carved facades, lightly glassed cabinet doors, stained glass and countertops made of natural stone. The island of this kind is decorated with paneled spades, carved moldings and opened shelves. The stove hood has usually a fire screen look.

Country Style Island features printing decorative weave. Basketry is widely used here instead of ordinary drawers.

Country Style Island is very fashionable and functional.

Modern Style islands are characterized by using such materials as glass and metal. The countertop of the island has flowing lines and ultimately smooth surface. Cookware and kitchen appliances are hidden inside the cabinets, the handles are obscured.

Minimalistic Island’s main feature is the utility, simplicity, and laconism. Built-in furniture, sliding facades of the cabinets, multi-functional sections for keeping cookware, food and kitchen appliances.

Yellow kitchen interior design ideas

Golden toned kitchen and dining-area are very cozy. Besides, the yellow color is very good at enlarging little space. Do you want to create a sunny mood in your kitchen? Design the kitchen in yellow of orange colors. These hues are very active. They increase appetite and stimulate gastric juice’s working-out. This color isn’t for you if you keep a strict diet because you will definitely feel strong desire to have a snack. In this case, choose neutral shades which are safer for your figure.

At the same time, you may apply bright yellow accents. With the help of them, you will make your kitchen interior more expressive and cheer. For example, take soft mustard yellow color its cool shades.

The yellow palette is various. You will surely find the right color to evoke pleasant feelings. Try tender, semi-transparent yellow shades. So, apply classical cream or golden tints to decorate your kitchen walls. These colors won’t be out of date.

Modern Style kitchen looks good with juicy yellows. Classical design interior needs gentle colors. Use a secret for stylish look – if you can’t decide which color to choose – stop at the lighter shade.

Combinations with yellow tints. The most actual combination for the interior in positive style – juicy yellow and shining white, creamy or lacteous.

Yellow will be perfectly paired with:

  • Any green shades
  • Gray and silver
  • Sky-blue
  • Pink
  • Calm red
  • Brown
  • Black

Golden yellow and red will result in a subtle luxury and comfort

Yellow and brown create a natural combination. If you add a bit of green you will get stylish and very modern eco-interior.

Choose appropriate curtains for your yellow kitchen, as they create a finished view and complement any interior design.

There is a great variety of curtains of different color, design and prints. The curtains supply your yellow kitchen with a special charm and sophistication.

White color in small kitchen interior design

The white color is a very interesting mixture of all colors of the rainbow, that’s why it possesses all their characteristic features. The white color is ideally matched with any other color or style, representing different interior design: modest, sophisticated or expressly luxurious.

Creating your kitchen design, you shouldn’t pay attention only at pristine white. This hue has a great variety of other interesting tints: ivory, magnolia, natural cotton or linen, baked milk, café au lait, pearly, etc. Unlike lily white shade, these tints are deprived from cold strictness and sterile. White shades make your kitchen cozy and warm.

White color will be the perfect solution for small kitchens. Whatever the Style is, this clean color visually enlarges the space, filling it with air and light. Make your choice in favor of white glossy facades with mirror effect as well as cabinetry with fairy facades and you will maximize your kitchen with light.

It’s difficult to imagine Province Style kitchen without white hues, such as beige, navy, terracotta, sienna. Pastel blue and gentle yellow tints are also typical here.

Lacteous whites are widely used in Classicism finishing works. In this style solid white kitchen furniture with high overhead cabinetry and outrageous decorative facades are typical features of this style.

Of course, white color is quite monotonous and often associated with hospital operatory. You can avoid this feeling by using different textures (glossy and tanned), coatings. You may successfully combine dark low cabinetry with white wall drawers and result in light airy space.

The white kitchen is an ideal background for bright accents. Any color looks more saturated paired with white. Dilute ultimate whiteness with colorful speckles: purchase bright kitchen ware, accessories, a table, chairs, textile and you will easily enliven the kitchen with new colors.

Black-and-white kitchen interior decorating ideas

Black and white combination in kitchen interior is not very typical, but this variant also worth observing. These two contrasts will create a stunning look in any kitchen Style, there no limits here. But mind some tips to fulfill an ideal balance between deep and active colors of two opposite characters:

1)   In this extraordinary combination, only one color can dominate while the other will only accent and complement it. For example, if the black color will be chosen as a major one, it will apply deepness and impression to space. At the same time, white color domination will make the design light and airy.

2) Any other hues will successfully complement this balance.

3) You can use gray color to smooth the contrast between black and white. Also, this color ideally matches kitchen appliances and furniture.

4) Experienced designers recommend white color as the main background as it can visually expand the area, white color is not so drastic and categorical as black.

5)  If you like the black background, make kitchen surfaces dark glossy and sparkling. Light textured, tanned countertops will create a deep contrast to the first. Make use of glassy lamps and bright highlight to provide the space with dynamism.

6)  If the walls in your kitchen are dark, it would be a great idea to contrast them with fair furniture, light floor molding, black floor, white lamps, and curtains. You should also purchase light kitchenware and accessories to underline your kitchen exclusiveness.

7)  The checked floor looks especially stylish, matching and spicing with all the other surfaces of your kitchen.

8)  You shouldn’t limit yourself with the only ultra-black colored floor. Try dark-chocolate, coffee-colored, or dark wenge shades. Ceramic tiled floors, accompanied with big-sized floor platings, ceramic granite, laminate or seamless floor coating are very popular materials in the kitchen.

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