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Kitchen design ideas blog

Kitchen design ideas blog

The kitchen is one of the most appealing and strategically important places in the house. In interior design kitchen should be attractive, original, but what is extremely important, should guarantee the comfortable process of cooking. Actual kitchen decoration always provides a pleasant atmosphere for having a meal or just chatting with friends. The kitchen is the most favorable and visited place. In the kitchen, a hostess can apply her cooking talents to create delicious meals. That’s why when people plan their home improvements; they pay so much attention to the kitchen.

kitchen desing blog

When you start designing a kitchen, first think about the comfort you want to have. Make your choice depending on:

  • Eating habits or time you usually spend on food processing. So you may have only breakfast consisting of a sandwich, tea or coffee. Then, you may have supper in the evening either together with the family or not.
  • Kitchen utensils you need.
  • The number of people in your family.

Kitchen design ideas blog

Useful steps

Start with following our tips to design a kitchen of your dreams

  1. Basic form

The form of your future kitchen can be described as L-shape kitchen, one wall kitchen, peninsula kitchen, island kitchen or more.

  1. Processing place

This area is thought to be the most necessary part in the kitchen. It usually comprises the sink, the stove, and the fridge. Arrange them according to your taste, but mind that the stove shouldn’t be placed next to the sink. Set the distance within arm’s reach.

  1. The number of cooking zones

Decide how much area you may need for cooking including chopping and dicing areas.

  1. Kitchen area functions

What do you usually do in the kitchen? Maybe you prefer watching TV or have a rest on the sofa. Or do you just cook?

  1. Kitchen design

Decide what design and colors are preferable for you. Choose the idea you like looking through the gallery of the most popular design kitchen may have.

Kitchen design ideas blog

Kitchen styles

You can choose from a great variety of designs for your kitchen. The most typical and popular are:

  1. Contemporary kitchen design ideas. They are characterized by the functionality of all accessories and minimum decorative elements.
  2. Traditional style’s main features include the use of such materials as the wood of different sorts and colors. It makes the warm and homely mood and cosines. This kitchen style is widely considered respectable, beautiful and it never loses its positions among the favorites.
  3. Transitional kitchen design is an original compromise between modern and traditional kitchens to make a really fresh look. If you appeal to both these styles but cannot decide, try transitional style kitchen. It may combine:
  • Wooden floors and glass, marble or granite panels;
  • White or cream shades contrasting dark wood countertops;
  • Wood floors and modern stainless steel items;
  • Simple features and solid tones that are typical for up-to-date kitchen combined with the conventional look.

Another group of kitchen styles may include national types:

  • German design ideas. German kitchens represent a perfect model for people who appreciate a stunning look and high-quality functionality. All the surfaces are made from reliable materials. German kitchen drawers have simple lines though they are fully equipped for comfortable food processing.
  • Italian kitchen design goes in contrast with German design for it represents the celebrity of art and home mood. This goal is reached with the help of applying wood or natural stone surface, different decorating accents like Italian pots and pans enlivening the kitchen outlook. The color palette is closer to rural style.
  • Japanese kitchen can be an example of the minimalist tendency in decorating a kitchen. The Japanese use clean forms and functional approach to all aspects of kitchen design – from flooring to lightening as well as seating places. All these combined, creates an attractive outlook which inspires you to cook, eat and appreciate every second spent in this nicely designed room.

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