U- shaped kitchen : manual choice between features and benefits

Kitchen area must be functional, comfortable, beautiful and stylish. Achieving all of these indicators is largely dependent on the layout of kitchens. In this article the theme of U-shaped kitchens is raised. So this option is very convenient it involves the placement of furniture along three walls of the room. U-shaped kitchens are the most suitable for large rooms. Nevertheless with proper planning and tight location you can select this option for a small kitchen. The main thing is take into account that for the there should be at least one and a half – two meters between the opposing lines of cabinets, otherwise the kitchen will be very crowded. U-shape kitchen assumes that each three furnished lines are performing its specific functions.

The first line is a refrigerator and it is designed for storing products. The second line includes a sink and it is used for cleaning and preparation of the products. The third one is a cooker and it is designed for cooking. U-shaped kitchen assumes even distribution of the three main areas within the kitchen space. This layout simplifies the cooking and performing of the other household concerns because all the necessary things are located just in a few steps away from each other.

Sink should be installed at a distance of about one meter away from the stove. Refrigerator on kitchen should be placed about two meters from the sink and one meter from the stove. Cooking surface and oven for security purposes and comfort must be no closer than one and half meters to the dinner table. It is better to place the refrigerator and tall units in the corners because their opening may close zone of the pass. It is important to focus on the height and lighting of the working area while the arrangement of the kitchen`s space. There a lot of pics of kitchens work area that is performed in such way.

The advantages of this kitchen layout are quite simple. U-shaped kitchens are easily converted to island or peninsular form. You can use a dining table, a bar and serving table as an island. Kitchen space with window organized along three walls can move harmoniously into the dining room. If you still plan to separate these two zones dining table can be used for this purpose.

In the studio apartment one wall of the U-shaped kitchen can be used as a separator for zones. Furniture that will separate one zone from the other must be equipped with doors on both sides. It is also possible to use the open shelves here. A working area must be placed in such way that during cooking it was possible to communicate with people in the living room.

Design of U-shaped kitchens can be created in a variety of styles ranging from classic to tech hi-tech. In any case each line of kitchen furniture must be illuminated sufficiently. In addition to hanging chandeliers you can be use spotlights on kitchen to ensure an adequate lighting. It is impossible to give the room a finished look without curtains. Curtains can be extremely varied (white, bright, checkered or striped). It is important to remember that the color, length and texture of curtains should match the overall style and such important details as the size and type of the windows. Painting or big picture, which can be easily done by hand, may act as the decoration for such kitchens. If the kitchen gets enough daylight, live plants will be the best of its decoration. Flower pots the price of which is readily available should be in harmony with the rest of the interior.

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