Modern Purple Kitchens

Pale shadows of purple or richer tones – whatever you choose, the associations are the mystery, spirituality, wisdom, transformation, pride, nobility and royalty. This color is a mixture of red and blue, it’s charming and exotic.

It is very difficult to create the right design with this shade without making mistakes, for that reason purple kitchens are the rarity. But if you’ve decided making such an experiment, we get an extraordinary and stunning kitchen designs that will wow guests.

If you choose rich dark purple tone, it may cause grief, depression, anxiety, feelings of fatigue impassable. If you use this color moderately, it improves sleep, attracts wealth, and reveals the creativity. Shades of purple can reduce hunger, therefore, for those who are on a diet, this color is just the right thing.

First, decide what shades are the most comfortable and cozy for you. From the cool ones you can choose plum, lavender, lilac, red-violet, fuchsia, magenta, violet or blue-violet, from warm – amethyst and blackberry.

Deep color should be used like vivid and expressive accents. Calm shade (light purple, lilac) is more suitable for painting of kitchen walls or facades of kitchen cabinets.

Purple is often combined with light, neutral and quite calm colors and shades. One of the most common combinations is purple or gray with white, purple with blue or blue (kitchen looks more relaxed), purple/ pink (kitchen gets extra freshness).

To decorate the ceiling, walls and floor are more suitable golden tones, brown, some shades of yellow, green and beige; white is not recommended. Concerning the apron and countertops, their color should be harmonious and not very catchy.

For purple kitchen the lightning is extremely important, otherwise the impression will be depressing, that especially concerns small spaces. To avoid vulgarity choose the restrained and laconic design of furniture that will add originality to the interior, use the accessories: handles, holders, etc.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the shade of purple – for the deepest of them it’s very important, dust and dirt are more visible.  Bright purple always looks extravagant, but don’t forget that this color is the chameleon, in combination with other colors it can change completely: in the vicinity of the blue he approaches indigo, and next to red appears richer and more expressive.

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